Casey came to QRV in 2015 to work alongside our operations manager in our machine shop.  It soon became clear that he is a jack of all trades which has been great for the many varied projects we always have going on between our 12 different vineyard sites.  From repairs in the shop, construction on our buildings, zipping around like a pro on the forklift, and just about anything that needs doing, Casey is our guy.  He lives in the middle of the Quail Run vineyard site with his wife and four kids and can be counted on jumping to bat anytime something comes up.

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Quail Run Vineyards is one of Southern Oregon’s most celebrated producers of premium wine grapes.  Across 12 unique vineyards sites up and down the Rogue Valley, we're growing 29 varietals celebrated from some of the  most famous old world wine regions of the world.