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It’s rare that a winegrowing region of such untapped promise as the Rogue Valley is discovered. Thirty years ago Quail Run began pioneering viticulture in our valley and is credited with having introduced many of the grape varieties that are now grown here.  How far have we come?  In 2016 Wine Enthusiast Magazine named the Rogue Valley one of the world's top ten wine destinations. 

Don and Traute Moore
Michael Moore
General Manager

In 2008 Michael left a twenty-year documentary filmmaking career to join his family’s farm. After helping launch Quail Run’s tasting room, South Stage Cellars, he turned his attention to the vineyards, which he has managed since 2011. Michael has introduced sweeping changes that have further improved fruit quality. He has continued Quail Run’s tradition of rigorous experimentation, revamping trellis systems, introducing new canopy management protocols, and tailoring controlled deficit irrigation to each individual block.  Recently, Michael has overseen Quail Run’s expansion on three stunning new vineyards in the Wagner Creek basin. 

Don and Traute Moore began farming wine grapes in the Rogue Valley in 1989.  At that time no one knew which varieties were well suited to our area, and most of the techniques we now use for growing premium wine grapes were virtually unknown. Over the next two decades they consulted with the world’s finest viticulturists, experimented with growing techniques, and planted dozens of varieties in test blocks throughout the valley to see what grew best and where. Through careful site selection capitalizing on elevations and regional climatic differences they showed that the Rogue Valley could grow, figuratively speaking, a world of wine. These discoveries helped launch our region’s wine industry, and in 2010 Don and Traute were awarded the prestigious Founder’s Award by the Oregon Winegrowers Association for their pioneering work in establishing Southern Oregon’s now-booming wine industry.